Release 1.10: Restrictors and Gems

Published on 2020-08-22 by Stuart Spence

Two great new features have been added! Restrictors prevent nearby pieces from moving and/or attacking, and Gems which you collect and spend to open gates.

There's also a great new trailer to replace the first one that I made 18 months ago.

And of course, bug fixes and UI …


Release 1.9: Convenient Buttons and Bugfixes

Published on 2020-07-15 by Stuart Spence

This small update is all about convenience features and bugfixes.

  • Fixed a bug where the AI thinks a very long time then makes illegal moves.
  • Undo button in the board editor.
  • Drag release drift.
  • Swap button for white/black when placing pieces in the board editor.
  • New piece abilities: move …


Release 1.8: Random Board Generator

Published on 2020-06-08 by Stuart Spence

Before I ramble too much about the random board generator, I must thank:

  • Luigi Annicchiarico
  • Johan Estévez
  • Selianin Alexander

- for volunteering to fully and thoroughly edit my Italian, Spanish, and Russian translations! This was a lot of work. More than most people may realize. Internally, ChessCraft has over 500 different …


Release 1.7: Iron Pieces and Language Select

Published on 2020-03-28 by Stuart Spence

This is a fun one! Ever since I started working on ChessCraft in January 2018, I've wanted "iron pieces". I've published 1.7 on Google Play - it will be available to you sometime in the next few days when Google approves it.

iron piece sprite

This is one of my oldest feature ideas …


Release 1.6: Filter, Sort, and Optimizations

Published on 2020-02-29 by Stuart Spence

Apparently, some of you have been very busy making lots and lots of custom boards and pieces. A popular request is to sort and filter your creations, so here it is!

chesscraft screenshot

So you could, for example, see a list of only boards that you've created sorted small to big.

Fun …


Release 1.5: Achievements

Published on 2020-02-15 by Stuart Spence

So I'm told (by many of you) that achievements are a critical element of mobile games. Well here we go! I thought I'd get started with these two:

  • using at most two seconds every turn to win.
  • using at most three minutes to win.

The stars on the badge indicate …


Release 1.4: Share Your Designs!

Published on 2020-01-30 by Stuart Spence

I'm extremely excited to share this new version!

You can now share your creations online. Sharing creates your own web page on the ChessCraft website like this one. Your friends can then use the share code to play your custom boards and custom pieces. Or, backup your favourites online before …


Release 1.3: Premoves, Visual Themes, Eleven Languages

Published on 2019-09-20 by Stuart Spence

The new version of ChessCraft is here! What's new, you ask?

  • Premoves
  • Choose a visual theme: minimalist, or wood.
  • Say au revoir to English! Play ChessCraft in one of eleven languages. That was something.
  • Computer complexity and human complexity tips.
  • Kangaroos.
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements. Thanks for all the …


Release 1.2: Human versus Human, Archers, Thumbnails

Published on 2019-07-19 by Stuart Spence

This wonderful update includes a new human versus human mode, ranged attack pieces (which attack without moving), and board preview thumbnails. I also removed restrictions on naming boards and pieces. Finally, many UI tweaks and some bug fixes.

Thank you all for your patience on this new version. I've had …