Release 1.5: Achievements

Published on 2020-02-15 by Stuart Spence

So I'm told (by many of you) that achievements are a critical element of mobile games. Well here we go! I thought I'd get started with these two:

  • using at most two seconds every turn to win.
  • using at most three minutes to win.

The stars on the badge indicate the highest difficulty you've achieved as white and as black. Good luck! To complement this, there's a new option to see a game timer. This is useful for human versus human games, too.

Do you have any other badge or achievement ideas? Let me know!

chesscraft screenshot

Discord & Correspondence

Awhile ago I created a Discord channel for ChessCraft. It was a graveyard. Too soon? As requested, here it is again, resurrected!

I'll be responding slower to correspondence now. Until recently I had notifications for new reviews and other correspondence sent directly to my personal email. But now it's too much! Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback and ideas! I'll respond now in bursts, probably weekly.

Development Velocity

As some of you may know, versions 1.3 (translations) and 1.4 (sharing online) took massive amounts of work. This took a lot out of me! Plus I recently had some tricky personal events. For the next several months, I plan on releasing smaller and funner updates more frequently. Stay tuned!


This patch also fixed a few bugs:

  • failing to show international characters (ç, Ɛ, etc) for imported boards, for some combinations of sharing and importing.
  • sharing and imports failing in some rare circumstances. Overall, I'm extremely happy with how smooth the online sharing component is working out.
  • an emergency website patch just after release, where board and piece designs were completely broken for Chrome browsers. I thought about testing cross-browser but realize now that I never actually made a task in my issue tracking system! Thanks to Russell for being the first to point this out, before almost anyone else had a chance to notice.

Fixed, fixed, fixed!


Let me know what features you'd like next. I have plenty of ideas - tho I prioritize requests if lots of people ask.

Thanks so much for reading!

white griffin sprite