Release 1.15: Folders! And eight new piece rules

Published on 2023-03-09 by Stuart Spence

I've just released version 1.15 on Google Play and Steam. It should be available very soon on Steam, and a few days from now on Google Play.

What's new in 1.15:

  • Folders in the crafting hub!
  • Filter by title or description text.
  • Eight new piece rules: acidic, blacksmith …


Release 1.14: Popular designs, acrobats, and online backups

Published on 2023-01-28 by Stuart Spence

I've just released version 1.14.0 on Google Play and Steam. It should be available very soon on Steam, and a few days from now on Google Play.

What's new in 1.14:

  • View the top boards and pieces this week, month, year, etc.
  • Backup and restore progress online …


Release 1.13: Eight More Rules and Seven More Languages!

Published on 2021-07-01 by Stuart Spence

This amazing release has the most new piece and board rules ever in a single update! I've also added seven new languages. As usual, it may take a few days for Google to make the update available to everyone.

I must extend a special thanks to Politique 2.0, Maria …


Release 1.12: Online Multiplayer

Published on 2021-02-09 by Stuart Spence

Today I'm incredibly excited to announce a test release of ChessCraft with online multiplayer! If you are a beta tester on Google Play, you'll soon get the latest version 1.12 which allows you to play your friends online.

Just like release 1.4 where you could share your designs …


Release 1.11: Relics, Music, AI vs AI, Multithreading

Published on 2020-11-11 by Stuart Spence

I thought this was a small update, but then I reviewed all my changes and I surprised myself!

  • Collect "relics" in adventure mode.
  • Be a spectator with the new AI versus AI mode.
  • Occasional ambient music.
  • Bishop/Rook slide range editor increased from 0-3 to 0-5
  • Choose piece movement animation …


Release 1.10: Restrictors and Gems

Published on 2020-08-22 by Stuart Spence

Two great new features have been added! Restrictors prevent nearby pieces from moving and/or attacking, and Gems which you collect and spend to open gates.

There's also a great new trailer to replace the first one that I made 18 months ago.

And of course, bug fixes and UI …


Release 1.9: Convenient Buttons and Bugfixes

Published on 2020-07-15 by Stuart Spence

This small update is all about convenience features and bugfixes.

  • Fixed a bug where the AI thinks a very long time then makes illegal moves.
  • Undo button in the board editor.
  • Drag release drift.
  • Swap button for white/black when placing pieces in the board editor.
  • New piece abilities: move …


Release 1.8: Random Board Generator

Published on 2020-06-08 by Stuart Spence

Before I ramble too much about the random board generator, I must thank:

  • Luigi Annicchiarico
  • Johan Estévez
  • Selianin Alexander

- for volunteering to fully and thoroughly edit my Italian, Spanish, and Russian translations! This was a lot of work. More than most people may realize. Internally, ChessCraft has over 500 different …


Release 1.7: Iron Pieces and Language Select

Published on 2020-03-28 by Stuart Spence

This is a fun one! Ever since I started working on ChessCraft in January 2018, I've wanted "iron pieces". I've published 1.7 on Google Play - it will be available to you sometime in the next few days when Google approves it.

iron piece sprite

This is one of my oldest feature ideas …


Release 1.6: Filter, Sort, and Optimizations

Published on 2020-02-29 by Stuart Spence

Apparently, some of you have been very busy making lots and lots of custom boards and pieces. A popular request is to sort and filter your creations, so here it is!

chesscraft screenshot

So you could, for example, see a list of only boards that you've created sorted small to big.

Fun …