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Sat 17 April 2021

Oh, Stallman

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Richard Stallman may be a legend in the world of software, but he also has decades of history promoting a toxic environment in software communities. Due to this, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has been pressured to kick out Stallman from the board of directors, which they did, though he …


Thu 24 March 2016

Learning to Code by Writing, not Copying

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"Yeh, If your a experianced coder, five mins no problem but if your a bigginer it can take hours." - Rowen Henderson8

"it would help a lot if you ppl would copy and paste the code into your videos on the bottom." - Emjay Club

"Fantastic but please add the script somewhere …


Sat 07 March 2015

Why Do For-Profit Companies Give Software to Schools?

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Have you ever noticed that for-profit companies often advertise free or cheap software licenses to students, teachers, and schools?

Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google, and countless others all offer deals on their software and services to schools. Why do they do that?

This post is written for educators, not tech experts …