Stable Diffusion? Maybe You Just Like Art

Published on 2022-10-13 by Stuart Spence

If you love your stable diffusion art made with a vague prompt, consider checking out the artist instead.

I've made many thousands of SD images and I'm having a blast. I also love seeing what others have created. But I've only recently been able to put into words something that is bothering me. Take this image for example.

tom bagshaw example

You might think it's made with SD. Nope, that's by Tom Bagshaw. If you like the look of that art, don't just run the prompt "portrait of a beautiful gothic woman by tom bagshaw". Have you had a look at all the art by that artist yet? If no, I think you should start there.

You think you're running SD but maybe you just found an artist you like.

Please, generate:

  • your favorite celebrity by Tom Bagshaw
  • yourself by Tom Bagshaw
  • Jabba the Hutt by Tom Bagshaw

Use the full power of SD instead of making art that already exists. I think you'll enjoy it more, people will be a lot more impressed by the results, and SD will be put to full use.