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Fri 04 September 2020

Ode to the Public Servant

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The privately employed

May say they're annoyed

about public servant perks.


What they fail to note

(and it's fair that they don't)

is that zombification lurks.


Zombies are not happy,

humans need to be scrappy.


Hold on to your fire,

stir the pots and aspire.


Are you a zombie?


Mon 08 June 2020

Release 1.8: Random Board Generator

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Before I ramble too much about the random board generator, I must thank:

  • Luigi Annicchiarico
  • Johan Estévez
  • Selianin Alexander

- for volunteering to fully and thoroughly edit my Italian, Spanish, and Russian translations! This was a lot of work. More than most people may realize. Internally, ChessCraft has over 500 different …


Sat 15 February 2020

Release 1.5: Achievements

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So I'm told (by many of you) that achievements are a critical element of mobile games. Well here we go! I thought I'd get started with these two:

  • using at most two seconds every turn to win.
  • using at most three minutes to win.

The stars on the badge indicate …