ChessCraft in Universities?

Published on 2019-03-29 by Stuart Spence

There is a possibility that ChessCraft will be used to teach artificial intelligence in a university course! My commandline interface already supports round robin tournaments, and a professor expressed some interest today. It occurred to me that if I prepare a package, lots of AI professors could use it. And they would, because AI professors need all the help they can get.

I was a computer science TA at McGill and know exactly what they need to make a ChessCraft project in an AI course. Hmmm! Can you beat my AI?

How is ChessCraft Made?

If you're interested in how ChessCraft is made, I've started making video tutorials. These first two are intermediate level programming tutorials. More to come! Certainly there will also be some newbie friendly videos too.

The next one will seem real wacky to anyone with Unity3D experience. All my C# scripts with no Unity dependencies are used to compile a separate commandline interface for testing and benchmarking my AI. The "csproj" and "sln" files are created by Python scripts.

youtube link to tutorial video

youtube link to tutorial video