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Sun 24 February 2019

Release 1.0: First Public Release

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ChessCraft is now available on Google Play for the first time! The ChessCraft website has also been updated, and there's a launch trailer on YouTube.

chesscraft logo

The new ChessCraft 1.0 icon.

No More Google+

For some time, it was necessary to use a Google+ group to share private releases with testers. Some of you may recall how convoluted the signup process was just to play ChessCraft. Well, no more! Google+ is going away which means the ChessCraft Google+ group is officially no more.

patron logo

I created a revenue model called "ChessCraft Patron". If you play ChessCraft a lot, you will occasionally be interrupted by unskippable 10 second popups asking you to become a Patron for 3$. If you do, no more popups. If you don't - no worries, ChessCraft is still free.

Aside from that, there are no ads. I don't want to pollute ChessCraft with ads for brainless nonsense, even though it could earn me pennies per user. This game is a labour of love, and commercialisation is secondary.

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